07/06/2013 -> 22/09/2013 : Exhibition - Girgio Morandi (BRUXELLES)

07/06/2013 -> 22/09/2013 : Exhibition - Girgio Morandi (BRUXELLES)却楬氠䱩晥
Morandi's still lifes, reduced down to their essentials, are part of the icons of modern art. Discover the artist at the BOZAR from 07/06 to 22/09/13!Originally, the artist worked following Italian tradition. However, his uninterrupted research and his advanced experimentation, notably with futurism, drove him to create enigmatic drawings and paintings.Thanks to a rigorous selection of works from various European institutions and private collections, Morandi specialist Maria Cristina Bandera, plunges guest into the painter's world.Morandi continues to fascinate artists, writers and directors even today. Director Michelangelo Antonioni is particularly inspired by his work and attains a similar level of fascination and pleasure in his films.

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