14/03/2015 -> 29/03/2015 : 2014 Walloon Water Days (WALLONIE)

14/03/2015 -> 29/03/2015 : 2014 Walloon Water Days (WALLONIE)©
Water is essential for life. Experience numerous water-themed events throughout 2 weeks in Wallonia in March 2015!Here, you can:Visit a water purification plant,follow the course of a river under the earth,learn everything there is to know about the reintroduction of salmon,discover electric fishing...and many more things! 12 free family activities await you!You will find the full schedule on the website below.Discover our region's blue gold!

Read more http://www.opt.be/informations/events-wallonie-2014-walloon-water-days/en/E/32523.html

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