15/12/2012 : Christmas Market at the Farm in Maissin (MAISSIN)

15/12/2012 : Christmas Market at the Farm in Maissin (MAISSIN)© Groupe d’initiatives locales Libin-Daverdisse-Paliseul
Discover a large central table, surrounded by local producers' stalls. There's everything you could possibly want to buy or eat. in Maissin 15/12.There's nothing but tasty and healthy products. By the fire: meetings and reunions, music... On the mezzanine: local craftsmen, ideas and discoveries...Born of an idea of the municipalities of Libin, Daverdisse et Paliseul, it is a travelling farmer's market, with the first being a Christmas market.A friendly, welcoming atmosphere, discussion and sharing, bio, local and artisan produce, food and drinks, human warmth and a bonfire.With family or with friends, come and decompress. It's ideal for young and old!

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